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NSX Load Balancing

This next overview of Load Balancing  was taken from great work of Max Ardica and Nimish Desai in the official NSX Design Guide: Overview Load Balancing is another network service available within NSX that can be natively enabled on the NSX

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VMware NSX Edge Scale Out with Equal-Cost Multi-Path Routing

This post was written by Roie Ben Haim and Max Ardica, with a special thanks to Jerome Catrouillet, Michael Haines, Tiran Efrat and Ofir Nissim for their valuable input The modern data center design is changing, following a shift in

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NSX-V Network Virtualization Design Guide 2.0

VMware publish  second and completely reworked edition of the VMware® NSX for vSphere Network Virtualization Design Guide This Design document is targeted toward virtualization and network architects interested in deploying VMware® NSX network virtualization solution in a vSphere environment covering: NSX-v functional

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NSX and Teaming Policy

Teaming policies allow the NSX vSwitch to load the balance the traffic between different physical NIC’s (pNIC). Within this blog we will explain the different teaming option’s with single or multiple VTEPs. The official  NSX Design Guide 2.0  contains a table

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NSX Minimum MTU

What is the Minimum MTU for VMware NSX  ? The VXLAN rfc  can be found at: Since we are in the Professional  field let’s show it with wireshark From my esxi host we can run the command pktcap-uw –capture

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