Today I passed the VCP-NV exam

Today I passed the VCP-NV exam,




The VMware Certified Professional – Network Virtualization (VCP-NV) Exam tests candidates on their skills and
abilities installing, configuring and administering a VMware NSX environment. Successful candidates
demonstrate mastery of these skills and abilities.


My Study sources used to learn for this exam was:

  1. VMware NSX 6.0 Documentation Center
  2. NSX-V 6.0 Administrator Guide
  3. VMware NSX-V 6.0 Design Guide
    Pay attention, this design guide link is to NSX-V 6.0 version. There is new version of this Design guide 2.0 witch including new feature of NSX-V 6.1 version.
  4. VCP-NV Exam Blueprint
  5. NSX ICM official training
  6. Working with NSX in the filed helped me with some of the question.

Some of the question in the exam was very NSX basic and test your fundamental understanding of NSX components, other question cause me to screws my head.

I think I can compeer this exam to Cisco CCNA level exam.

Most of the question in the exam was VMware NSX for vSphere version NSX-V) and few question was general and can be classified as NSX-MH question.

The Exam Objectives:

Section 1 – Define VMware NSX Technology and Architecture

  • Describe the Benefits of a VMware NSX Implementation
  • Describe VMware NSX Architecture
  • Differentiate VMware Network and Security Technologies
  • Contrast Physical and Virtual Network Technologies
  • Explain VMware NSX Integration with Third-Party Products and Services
  • Explain VMware NSX Integration with vCloud Automation Center (vCAC)

Section 2 – Plan and Configure vSphere Networking

  • Define Benefits of Running VMware NSX on Physical Network Fabrics
  • Describe Physical Infrastructure Requirements for a VMware NSX Implementation

Section 3 – Configure and Manage vSphere Networking

  • Configure and Manage vSphere Standard Switches (vSS)
  • Configure and Manage vSphere Distributed Switches (vDS)
  • Configure and Manage vSS and vDS Policies

Section 4 – Install and Upgrade VMware NSX

  • Configure Environment for Network Virtualization
  • Deploy VMware NSX Components
  • Upgrade Existing vCNS/NSX Implementation
  • Expand Transport Zone to Include New Cluster(s)

Section 5 – Configure VMware NSX Virtual Networks

  • Create and Administer Logical Switches
  • Configure VXLAN
  • Configure and Manage Layer 2 Bridging
  • Configure and Manage Logical Routers

Section 6 – Configure and Manage NSX Network Services

  • Configure and Manage Logical Load Balancing
  • Configure and Manage Logical Virtual Private Networks (VPN)
  • Configure and Manage DHCP/DNS/NAT
  • Configure and Manage Edge Services High Availability

Section 7 – Configure and Administer Network Security

  • Configure and Administer Logical Firewall Services
  • Configure Distributed Firewall Services
  • Configure and Manage Service Composer

Section 8 – Perform Operations Tasks in a VMware NSX Environment

  • Configure Roles, Permissions, and Scopes
  • Describe NSX Automation
  • Monitor a VMware NSX Implementation
  • Administer Logging
  • Backup and Recover Configurations

Section 9 – Troubleshoot a VMware Network Virtualization Implementation

  • Identify Tools Available for Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot Common NSX Installation/Configuration Issues
  • Troubleshoot Common NSX Component Issues
  • Troubleshoot Common Connectivity Issues
  • Troubleshoot Common vSphere Networking Issues

Roie Ben Haim is a Senior Member of Technical Staff who specializes in Networking and Security at VMware and who is currently focused on implementing solutions, which incorporate VMware’s NSX platform as well as integrating with various Cloud platforms on VMware’s infrastructure. Roie works in VMware’s Consulting (PSO) team whose focus is on the delivery of Networking Virtualization and Security solutions. In this role Roie provides technical leadership in all aspects, including the installation, configuration, and implementation of VMware’s products and services. This is also includes being involved from the inception of these project, through requirements assessment, design and deployment phases and then into production which ensures continuity for VMware’s customers. Roie has over a 15 years of experience working on data center technologies, and providing solutions for global enterprises, which primarily focus on Network and Security. A highly motivated and enthusiastic MSc graduate Roie holds a wide range of industry leading certificates, including his most recent Network Virtualization (VCDX-NV). Cisco CCIE x2 (DC/SEC) and Juniper JNCIE-SP. Roie is not only a strong team member, but is also able to demonstrate his skills and experience working in various fields. As a well known and respected blogger, Roie maintains an impressive blog at:

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19 comments on “Today I passed the VCP-NV exam
  1. Gabe says:

    Congrats! – I’ll be preparing for the same after VCAP-DCA.

  2. will follow your advise.

    thanks for share!!

  3. Saeed says:

    Congrats on passing this exam…!!!

  4. Congratulations Roie 🙂

  5. Maros says:

    Hi Roie,

    First of all congrats to your achievement, I am looking for the v2 design guide, could you please share that document.


  6. congrats Roie ….. i am looking for the VCP-NV better documents could you share that thing…………..

  7. Rodrigo Lira says:

    There is the possibility to download the NSX for study purposes?

  8. hello roie i am going to take vcp-nv on next week i am done my ccna routing &switching so can i take without training and how can i register for vcp_nv exam could you tell me

  9. Gudi says:

    Congrats man,

    Just curious why you take VCP-NV instead of VCIX-NV

    with your CCIE you’re eligible to take directly VCIX-NV

  10. travis k says: many questions was there..and whats the exam fee..was there any lab..or all objective type questions..

  11. travis k says:

    for vcix-nv we need vcp-nv i correct….
    or we can do vcix-nv directly if we have ccie..
    vmware asking for vcp-nv to do vcix-nv ..

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